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Account Creation

This will show you how to set up your profile, add contact info, and set your location for your borrowers to see...after all, if you aren't in the public eye who's going to see you?

My Profile

If you have any changes you want to make, or just view your most up to date profile, you will be able to do so in this section. Most lenders have achievements, awards, or contributions they have made in the past few months. This will section will help you to put those items in. The more active you're with your profile and information, the more borrowers and partners will appreciate your focus to detail.

Invite Codes

Learn how to use the Invite Code function of the app. This is key to maximizing the apps potential by helping you lock in the borrower or realtor by sending them your personalized invite code. After watching this tutorial, you now have the opportunity to find that next referral.

Pro Tips

Learn pro tips & tricks on how to maximize your potential

Insights Blog

This video helps you access and use the Insights tool that links you to Blogs from industry leaders so that you are the go to guru for not only engaging your clients but helping you build your business with tools and tips from the AllStars. Afterall, everyone loves a know-it-all!

Market Trends

Learn how to access and use the Market Trends feature of the app. By the end of the video you will find that you have the market in the palm of your hand. You can update your clients, give advice, and use the visual tool to help your borrowers make smart financial decisions. The dreaded question, to lock or float?, is now a little easier to answer.


You can run through your subscription options, what are the privacy policies and FAQ, and logging out of your profile. Please take the time to look through this video to get educated on how to navigate through your settings.

Payment Calculator

This will help you see what your borrowers estimated monthly payment, interest, and taxes will be. With this type of valuable information, your client will be so happy to know that you have all the answers to these important questions clients have daily.

UW Guidelines

This will allow you to answer many of the questions and scenarios on the go. With the search function, bookmarks, and saving your own documents you will never be stumped again. Hows that for quick service?

LTV Tables

With having access to all the loan to value tables for Conventional and Government loans you can inform anyone how much they need to put down to get their loan. You can also upload your own LTV tables for the programs that you dominate in the market.


This is a very important tool for all loan officers, because of the constant leads that a lender has to juggle while trying to get a loan process started. The pipeline feature helps to manage your leads, organize your most recent activity, and who you need to reach out to for a pivotal point in a loan process. This is just the beginning of what Local Loans has in store. We are working on improving this feature constantly, as we know how important the Pipeline is for loan officers.


Frequently asked questions and answers.

What if I want to end my subscription?

Our subscriptions are not locked down by any contracts, and you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Local Loans has month to month subscriptions, and if you cancel within that month your profile access will end at the end of the month.

Will there be future updates for this app?

We are constantly working on new updates and visionary ideas to bring to our users. When we have new updates you will be notified within the app to get the newest version of the app. The notification will let you know what the new update version will add, and what you should expect to have.

If I need help who do I contact?

We have a customer representative that can help you with any questions you have. Please feel free to email us at support@localloansapp.com. We will get back to you right away, and try to solve any issue or question you have.

What is Local Loans?

Local Loans is an app that helps you engage and build your business by having all the necessary tools in the palm of your hand.

How would Local Loans benefit me?

With all of the tools within this app you can finally break away from the office and run all the functions of your business from your phone. Whether you are out meeting for a coffee or out for a round of golf, you can capture a lead instantaneously.

What is different about this app compared to the competition?

Local Loans is the COMPLETE APP. Since it has everything from a CRM, Guidelines and LTV tables, Expert advice with Blogs, Real Time Market Trends, Invite Codes, and of course a beautiful payment calculator we are confident you will only need this app. No longer will you have to pay for multiple subscriptions, CRMs, and calculators. We only plan to build more for you to use and separate yourself from the competition by using Local Loans.

Is my information and client’s information protected?

Our application is protected by eTrust. eTrust is an organization solely focused on protecting all and any sensitive information provided to companies under eTrust. This protection, guarantees that all of the information disclosed within the app are secure and protected so the clients and lenders can have a piece of mind. Local Loans has also dedicated a full team round the clock, to focus on any information that comes in or goes out.

Is everything legally protected under the NMLS laws and regulations?

We ask that you input your NMLS number and legal information that you have registered to stay within compliance. Your full name and contact information is required but not reviewed for accuracy.

Does this comply with the new TRID regulations?

Yes, we have found that by not only keeping the social security information off of the borrower's application, this keeps the 6 points of entry down to at least 5 so that you won’t have to rush and disclose the Loan Estimate to the borrower. Once you have linked with the client you can take this information, enter into your loan origination system, and run the 6 points so you can meet the regulation timelines.

How do I manage my leads?

Enter into the Pipeline Tool from your dashboard. Once you are in your Leads you can add a new lead by clicking the addition button, delete a lead by swiping left, or update a lead by clicking on the name. Once you are in the borrower field you can add notes, contact the borrower, or update their information for the loan application. Keep up to date info as the pipeline view will always organize your leads by the last contact date. The key to running a business is to keep your borrowers engaged so keep in touch with them!

Can I sign up other Loan Officers?

Local Loans is ready to become the industry standard. By using the lender invite code and helping us spread across the nation is not only welcomed, but highly rewarded. Once your invite code is used we will incentivize you with free monthly subscriptions or upgraded services including advertising for the public so you can increase your business by helping us grow ours.

How do I engage Realtors to use this product?

This application is made to engage your realtors and give them something other lenders can’t offer. By giving them direct access through the invite code they can sign up a borrower while they are meeting with them. No longer will they wait to hear back from you to see if you were able to link up with the potential buyer. They will have real time information showing that the borrower is pre-qualified, that you have their direct contact info, and that they aren’t wasting their precious time. By engaging the client from the first contact this lessens any likelihood of them going to another lender and most importantly another realtor.

What if my client is scared of information being entered on a Phone Application?

We understand that filling out personal information can be scary. That is why we have installed the most trusted source of app protection in the industry, eTrust. Some clients are going to prefer to give you their information over the phone or in person. You have the ability to enter the information on your own with their permission. By simply entering their contact info without critical points of data you can still use the application as a CRM to consistently engage your borrower You may also want to remind them that you don’t have to have all the fields completed to ease their mind.

How does a borrower choose me as their lender?

Through our public app process borrowers will be able to choose their Local Lender and interview those they choose. Having your profile updated and clean is the best way to capture leads. Its also very important to maintain a good relationship with the client to keep your reviews at 5 stars! For the Beta program your leads will be assigned to you by using the Invite Code or by entering them manually in the Pipeline Tool.

Can another lender access my leads?

Absolutely not! We believe that privacy is the #1 priority at Local Loans. Not only do we not sell the borrower's information when they sign up, but with the Invite Code and Add Lead functions your pipeline is 100% protected.

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