The complete mortgage experience.

Everything you need in the palm of your hand to streamline every part of your business.




Fast, Easy & Secure

Customize real time communications, timely notifications, and secure document transfers will help you close loans faster and increase partner engagement.

Live Updates

A proprietary loan progress tracker will keep referral partners and borrowers in the loop and raving over the ‘best in class’ service you provide.

A Win-Win

Save your clients money while generating more referrals with real leads, faster processing times, and multi-level account management tools that you control.

Pre-Qualified Lead Generation

Receive leads from your area from local borrowers looking for the perfect loan officer.
Our proprietary software will screen and help pre-qualify borrowers to match your needs.

Revolutionary tools

The future of the lending sphere is here. Local Loans’ revolutionary app
empowers loans officers to go mobile with all the tools necessary to close a loan.

Manage your Leads

Our one tap lead referral and proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows for faster, more reliable communication with buyers and referral partners.

Underwriting Guidelines

Keep up to date on the fast-paced lending world with important, up-to-date rules and regulations in the palm of your hand specially designed to enhance the user experience.

Market Trends

Stay on top of market movements, including interest rates, with real-time access to data and trends designed to help make game-time decisions easier and more reliable.


Review and analyze you borrower’s usage and feedback to constantly improve the loan experience and increase peace of mind for you, your referral partners and clients.

Manage Referrals

Never let another lead slip through the cracks. Stay in control of all your clients and keep them in the loop throughout the loan process with our loan progress tracker.

LTV Tables

Conventional, government, and customizable loan-to-value tables at your fingertips.

Payment Calculator

State-of-the-art mortgage calculators
with pin-point accuracy.

Industry Insights

Providing you and your clients with helpful information to obtain more business and converse about current market topics.

Mortgage made easy

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shape
the industry and your success!


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